Eryngium alpinum "Blue Star"

Eryngium alpinum “Blue Star”

75 x 45 cm/ 2.5’ x 18”

Alpinum is an exquisite specie, but it is also known for being finicky about drainage.  I decided to give it a try on my silty rocky soil and it was fine.

The amazing, extravagant ruffs of soft silvery embroidery surrounding their flower spikes are enchanting indeed.  No less than the famous Victorian plantsman William Robinson said “ …when well grown is not surpassed in beauty by any plant…”

Are they blue?…not especially and certainly not for long.  As a matter of fact nothing lasts long about this particular specie/ cultivar.  They start to brown disappointingly quickly.

Perhaps a large clump would make a better showing.  I grew it as a challenge and just to see what it was like..(just like the pictures).

If you want similar ruffs but a more amenable plant with a longer-lasting display, try E. zabellii “Donard Variety”.

Full sun, free drainage late June here in mid Sussex.