Calamintha nepeta “Blue Cloud”
Echinacea 'Magnus'

Calamintha nepeta “Blue Cloud”

This charming and amenable little plant makes compact clumps of mint-scented leaves and sends up stems of tiny soft blue flowers in late summer.

The basal clump grows to about 10”/25cm, 18”/45cm with flower spikes.  It will seed itself gently and is easy to move as a young plant.

It makes a great filler because it is not rampageous and the color of the flowers and foliage are both so soft and pleasing.

It’s roots don’t demand much space so it can snuggle up just about anywhere without causing problems.

Like all the mints, it’s flowers are beloved by bees and butterflies.

If it is in amongst taller growing plants it can sometimes use their stems as supports and push up to as much as 36”/90cm.

Here is a planting of Echinacea “Magnus”and Calamintha, happily sharing the stage and the sunshine…(Magnus is every bit of 36”/90cm in height.)

Flowers from late June through October

Full sun/ very partial shade and free-draining soil.  Trouble free, nature friendly and easy.

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