Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis

Artemisia “Valerie Finnis”

I first used this plant several years ago and was pleasantly surprised by how readily it grew.  It is a vigorous plant and its clump will increase at medium speed and doesn’t seem to have a limit to its spread (but it doesn’t “run”).

When a clump is spreading beyond its space, we merely chop off the edges we don’t want, only lifting and dividing it every few years.  That seems to work very well.

The white felted grey leaves give a very silvery effect, clumping to about 18”/ 45cm and then sending up narrow spikes of very small sulphur-colored flowers (which are easily cut off if the color offends..)

Of all the Artemisias, it is easily the most dramatic and contrast-providing.  One of the best silvers in my opinion.

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