Angelica "Vicar's Mead"

Angelica Vicar's Mead

Angelica sylvestris “Vicar’s Mead” is a biennial, that is a plant that germinates and makes basal foliage in the first year (usually the autumn) and puts up its flowering spike in the second year.

“Vicar’s Mead” is very dark and winey red in foliage and in stem.  It is a handsome accent plant growing from 2.5’/75cm to 5’/ 1.5m (really).

Once the flowers start to be pollinated, the basal foliage starts to lose its dark color, but the structure of the stem and flower heads remain until they are cut down.

If you haven’t tried biennials, I recommend giving them a try… (other biennials to try are Eryngium giganteum and Digitallis purpurea).  They can add a special something to a garden composition.