A Kaleidoscope of Color

Asparagus Gijnlim in autumn color
Asparagus "Gijnlim" in autumn color

On a recent afternoon I was sitting inside at the bay window and noticed that, all the way from the east side of the garden to the west, the trees have turned or are turning color.

The asparagus, even the grasses, are all joining in to one last joyful shout of color before the coming winter stills them.

“one last joyfull shout of color”

“her lovely horizontal habit like an upside down tutu.”

Prunus "Shogetsu"

A chorus line of Himalayan Birches (“Doorenbos”) are finally turning yellow, fronted by the soloist Prunus “Shoegetsu” with her lovely horizontal habit like an upside down tutu.

Only partially visible behind the big Yew, the rich butter yellows of  Parrotia persica (Persian Ironwood) shine out.

Parrotia "persica" in buttery yellow
Parrotia "persica" in buttery yellow

Moving westwards the Parrotia reaches out towards flame-colored Acer “Nishiki gawa”.  It’s color starts slowly and gradually deepens until the leaves finally start to fall, a daily spectacle throughout November and extremely satisfying.

Oakleaf Hydrangea “Pee Wee”

In the front garden the Oakleaf Hydrangea “Pee Wee” spills an extravagant display of brocade-like darkest plum and scarlet leaves.  I have never seen its color so vivid in its fifteen years with us. 

Cornus stolonoifera “Winter Fire”

Looking out a front window I see a the confetti of yellows from Cornus stolonoifera “Winter Fire”.  It’s not been pruned for a couple of years, so the yellow predominates on its stems, but I like it.

All too soon the colorful leaves will all be fallen, leaving only the dark gold Beech leaves to furnish the winter.

“I have never seen its color so vivid…”

“I have never seen its color so vivid…”

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